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Chateau D'Esclans The Palm by Whispering Angel

It's no secret that I am a really big fan of Provence style roses, and Whispering Angel happens to be one of my favourites, but it can be a little bit pricy! So, meet The Palm. Usually, around $15, this is a stunning summer wine! It's my go-to on a warm day, or any day I am feeling like a rose! The wine has a bright flavour that almost tickles your tongue as the different notes of the wine dance. Chateau d'Esclans is situated in the heart of Provence on elevated land near the Gorges de Pennafort. The original Château was given by the Comte de Provence to Gérard De Villeneuve, in 1201, for anyone interested in a bit of history! I've never been to Provence, but it's on my dream list!

The Palm by Whispering Angel bottle in front of trees

The Palm by Whispering Angel

A dancing stream of not yet ripe plantains, sweet early summer strawberries, hints of that first bite of a nectarine, lounging with ferns by a babbling stream.

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