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CSA Challenge #3 - May 15, 2021

This week we got lots of spinach and chorizo! I wasn't completely sure what I wanted to do at first for the challenge mostly because I was hosting Movie Night and I wanted to make sure I had mostly finger food and things that weren't too difficult to eat!

As I was thinking about it I remembered my friend Lee Clayton Roper has this fantastic recipe in her second book, Fresh Tastes From A Well-Seasoned Kitchen. I've made them before and they always are a big crowd pleaser. Chorizo, Cheese and Jalapeño Turnovers on page 16! I did cut down on the spice because the people coming for movie night aren't huge on spicy food.

I also made Borani Esfenaj which is a Persian creamy spinach dip, from The Kitchen without Boarders book. It's a book celebrating immigrant entrepreneurs as they bring their culture and food to us. I am a huge fan of this book and highly recommend getting not. Not only are there fantastic recipes but you also get to learn about some inspirational chefs who are from all over the world. Like Chef Nasrin who is from Iran and shares her stories and some of her recipes. I served it with veggies and White Lotus sourdough bred sliced really thin and crisped.

I felt the need for something a little silly so I made pretzel bites (I can't find exactly where I got the recipe but this one from Smells Like Home is close) and a cheese sauce out of a desire for eating cheese. I love cheese! One note, for the roux I recommend measuring out the weight rather than just going for 2TB. I did 2oz of butter, and two of flour. It just makes a better roux.

For dessert I made rhubarb (left over from an earlier CSA day) and strawberry bars from Cooking Classy. They were fantastic! A nice chewy bar. I did cut back on the sugar a bit!

You might be wondering what movie we watched? We didn't! We actually all got to chatting that we completely forgot about the movie. I didn't come up with any of these recipes, but really enjoyed the challenge of figuring out some fun movie night food!

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